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Hot or cold air needs to efficiently get from Point A to Point B in your home and a variety of ductwork issues can impede the process.

This causes your heating and cooling systems to work harder which in turn costs you more money! A small problem with your ductwork can have a negative effect on the output of the entire system and make your home much less comfortable as the system struggles to maintain the proper temperature. 

Our trained HVAC technicians would be happy to take a look and see what we can do to make your system run smoothly and transfer air more efficiently. 

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Preventative maintenance is the most effective way to avoid future issues and large expenses related to your HVAC system.

Consider our maintenance packages to keep your entire system in tip-top shape.

Sheet Metal & Ductwork Installations

If the furnace is the heart of your heating system, the sheet metal/duct work are the veins that direct the air to each room.  A poorly designed duct system will result in hot and cold spots in the designed space and higher than normal energy costs.  The duct system needs to be designed with the occupants at the focal point, how many rooms, the heat loss and gain, and the location of the structure.  In an ideal system, a return air should be installed in each room to bring back as much air as is being directed by the heating/cooling appliance.  


To avoid excessive noise and improve airflow – turning veins, splitter veins or full throat radius elbows should be used.  The duct can be insulated internally for acoustics.  Or externally if travelling through an unconditioned space such as an attic or crawl space.  The duct should be made from the appropriate gage so as not to “pop” or distort when walked upon.  Installing a larger furnace or larger air conditioning or maximizing the fan speed is not the best solution if poor duct work was installed from the beginning. 

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